Singalila trek

The trek begins at Uttarey (6,500 ft) and ascends to Chewa Bhanjang (8,860 ft) on the Sikkim-Nepal border, where a police check post exists on the Sikkim side. From thereon, the trek route keeps between the altitude of 12,000 ft to 14,000 ft with the highest point being the Dafey Bhir Pass located at an altitude of 14,450 ft high. The terrain along the trek route is, therefore, treeless, criss-crossing, steep, rugged rocky hills with grassy meadows forming flat plains at places. Within the folds of these fragile rocky slopes, one comes across several high altitude lake formations of turquoise green water considered pristine and sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists alike. Among these lakes, Ram and Laxhman, Lampokhari, Laxmi Pokhery and Zomlay Pokheries are some of the well-known sacred lakes, located along the main trekking route. At places, the trail leads through the rich rhododendron forests of many hues and colors. The trek route after Gomathang valley goes intermittently through forests of silver fir and rhododendron right upto the alpine plains of Dzongri.



Day 01 Gangtok – Uttarey (6,500 ft) Drive 6 hrs
Day 02 Uttarey - Chewabhanjang (10,400 ft) Trek 6 hrs
Day 03 Chewabhanjang Halt – Visit Singalila
Day 04 Chewa - Dhor (12,200 ft)  Trek 8 hrs
Day 05 Dhor - Sikkim Megu (13,600 ft)  Trek 7 hrs
Day 06 Sikkim Megu - Dafey Bhir (14,286 ft) Trek 8 hrs
Day 07  Dafey Bhir - Gomathang (12,200 ft) Trek 4 hrs
Day 08  Gomathang - Pangden (13,900 ft) Trek 7 hrs
Day 09  Pangden - Dzongri (12,800 ft)  Trek 4 hrs
Day 10 Dzongri - Thangsing
Day 11 Thangsing - Samiti Lake
Day 12 Samiti Lake –Goechala – Thangsing
Day 13  Thangsing - Tsokha
Day 14 Tsokha - Yuksom Trek ends
Day 15 Yuksom – Gangtok / Bagdogra Airport Option

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